The Tsuriami-ki and Kanekichi Industries

High quality fabric since 1920

We first began manufacturing fabric using the Tsuriami-ki in 1920. Our long history with the machine has allowed us to refine the knitting process so that we are now able to create fabric to an extremely high standard. It is this experience which led us to carry on using the Tsuriami-ki, even when all those around us had abandoned it. In the fast-paced, modern world of today, we stand by the Tsuriami-ki’s tradition of creating superior fabric that is both durable and comfortable enough to wear for many years. By developing new types of fabric and constantly searching for ways in which we can improve our manufacturing process, we hope to safeguard the future of these remarkable machines.


Passing on knowledge to future generations.

From early on, our company has been training the craftsmen needed to operate the Tsuriami-ki, which is not a simple machine to use. Each one has its own ‘personality’, and it is essential that our craftsmen understand the quirks and traits of every machine in order to prevent mistakes. Delicate adjustments must be made depending on the temperature or humidity of the air inside the factory, which requires the craftsmen to be on the ball constantly. On top of this, the ‘bearded needles’ used by the machine need regular adjustment to ensure they are lined up properly, which must be done by eye. Because each machine is different, and its adjustments require a certain amount of intuition on the part of the craftsmen, it takes many years to acquire the technical skills to operate the Tsuriami-ki. The knowledge and technology developed by our ancestors is therefore invaluable, and we strive to cultivate these skills further in order to pass them on to the next generation of Tsuriami-ki workers.

Words alone are not enough…

… to fully describe the unique quality of Tsuri fabric; one must feel the fabric by hand in order to understand the skill and heritage of our machines. However, we hope you were able to catch a glimpse of the world of the Tsuriami-ki.We also update our News section regularly, so please take a look to see our latest products and articles.

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